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Team Biographies
My associates have specialties that compliment our portfolio of services we provide as well as general building, and technical skills required for the work we do.

Robert Garcia is a full-blown turn-key carpenter.  He is well known by local builders as a top-notch technical carpenter that works hard and gets the job done with quality beyond expectations.  I turn to his advice often as he has logged more than 40 years as a professional carpenter and has continued doing what he does because of his true love for the job.  He specializes in roof building of any size and shape, a very difficult facet of wood-frame carpentry.  He enjoys music, camping and time with his family and friends during his off time.

Charles "Chuck" Medina has no "off" button.  I've never tested that theory; I usually have to remind him that it is time to stop for the day or he might keep working.  He is not only one of the most productive people I know, he has a great sense of humor, a light spirited attitude and a heck of a lot of general construction knowledge and is very conscientious of his work ethic.  Chuck's dedication to keeping with the plan and deadline is an example of why we are trusted and referred to others.  Chuck specializes in tile and masonry.

David "Dave or Randy" Alexander, Owner of Alamo Home Tech.  I strive for balance between service timeliness and quality.  I have learned that there really are no shortcuts or coverups that will not eventually come back as a shortcoming that must be dealt with.  I trust the people I work with and I listen to the customer's wishes.  We then put a team plan into force to reach a goal.  I spend about half my time planning and controlling resources and the other half hands-on with the work we do.  My work day is long, but it seems short.  I enjoy seeing things come together as planned and the smile on a customers face that shows genuine satisfaction.